Tuesday 20 October 2020

Waves From Behind The Settee


Erky Perky as Rose used to say...I've been away so long that everything in Blogger is different lol

 I've been pretty 'down' this year as I continue to support Dad in Care during Covid times. Dementia is so hard to watch and deal with but he's safe and well looked after these days and could no longer live by himself although that doesn't stop him asking why not?

Here is my knitting which keeps me sane!

It's Spring alright now so I took some pics outside...

We are so fortunate here in WA as our government has kept the interstate borders closed for months now so Covid is almost non-existent here; the only cases have been returning residents who have kept in hotel quarantine. Other states have fared badly and Charlie's other Nana hasn't seen him for a year now...it's very, very sad. My English cousins are also in lockdown as are our Canadian loved ones.
My brother, Ian turned 60yrs this week and he and Wendy visited 2 weeks ago to pick up their new car...it was wonderful to have so many of the family under my roof as we got Dad out for the day and we gathered here for lunch. We also took Dad to the park in September for his 87th birthday...I think Gord is describing a fish he caught ;)

Hope you are all keeping well, big love, Sue



  1. Those sweaters are simply beautiful. Great knitting!
    Lovely garden too.
    Nice to see a photo of you all....outside!

  2. So good to see you in Blogland again, Sue. Yes, Blogger has changed things unfortunately. I hate any changes where blogging is concerned as it takes me ages to get used to them. I can totally understand the challenges of being a carer. Big hugs. Here in Queensland it is much the same as our borders are shut too although obviously we do seem to have a lot of sportsmen who can go back and forth across the border.