Thursday 23 February 2017

A Little Preserving

We don't eat a lot of preserves or jams etc because of the high sugar content but at the end of summer there is always lots of nice fruit and vegs for some small batch preserving. Last week I made some fig jam, re-batched some sad marmalade and yesterday made a beautiful hot yellow sauce from my Lemon Aji chillies. Making more fig jam today after Dad braved the ants to pick me some more figs!

Hot Yellow Sauce, Fig Jam and re-batched marmalade...yummy treats...

I'll share the recipes with you, the sauce was made up by me recipe based on what I have made and learned in the past.

Fig Jam

500gms fresh figs
3/4 cup of sugar
zest and juice of a large lemon
1 tablespoon of honey

Finely chop the figs and remove the stalks
Place in saucepan with their juice and the other ingredients
Bring to boil carefully and then simmer to setting point, this only took 10 minutes for me

Hot Yellow Sauce

1 cup each of~~~
chopped onions
peeled and chopped apple
chopped yellow capsicum/pepper
white vinegar
white sugar

3 yellow chillies thinly sliced, I grow lemon aji chillies and wanted to keep that gorgeous colour but use whatever you have, red will give an even brighter colour
1 teaspoon of turmeric

Simmer everything together until the vegetables are very tender then blend the sauce with a tablespoon of olive oil for a smoother texture...I would keep the windows open if possible

For both recipes bottle into hot sterile jars and label well...sunshine in a jar, hot and fruity sauce...

My original seeds for these quaint chillies come from the Hippy Seed Company in NSW

In other news we are very sad to announce that the wonderful Down to Earth forums where so many of us met all those years ago is finally closing on March 16th...Rhonda can no longer afford the time it takes(3 hrs per day) and wishes to spend that time with her family, we are so grateful for all the time she has given, the forum has been a wonderful place for over 8 years. Happy Real Retirement Rhonda and thank you for improving so very many lives.

Are you preserving at the moment? Would love to hear what recipes you are using,
Have a good day
Love from Sue

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Hallo Folks

Just chatting with Robyn over at the Farm Fancies blog and realizing it has been ages since I posted anything.
We got through managed to enjoy our first Christmas without Mum and SIL Danny although they are both sadly missed. Priscilla has gone through another 4 week course of chemotherapy in Ottawa but her tumours continue to grow in size and number...she remains cheerfully determined most of the time and her baby Kullen is thriving...his chubby cheeks are such a joy...the girls have started karate now and recently enjoyed their first tournament...

Nearer to home Charlie is now 9mos old and very active...attempting a break-out

We've had the coolest summer for many years here in WA, lots of rain and the plants are loving it...

Terry next door gave me a bit of silverbeet/chard which I washed and steamed for the freezer, lovely to add to soups and curries...

We've also had over 200 passionfruit from our vine, I've frozen some of the pulp but mostly shared them around to eat fresh. Dad picked me a pound/500gms of fresh figs which I've turned into 2 small jars of jam and I re-boiled some very thin marmalade and half a jar of lemon syrup to make some very tasty thick marmalade...I'd never re-boiled any jam/marmalade before so it's good to know that it can be salvaged if it's too thin the first time.

Knitting news is that the first zigzag blanket is finished and a second one begun, now I've mastered the technique it's a great project to take out with me...always a good conversation starter too...the second one is in more muted turquoise and green's a free pattern on ravelry...

I took the new one to the indoor play centre and happily sat knitting while two grandsons had a fine time on the rides and equipment...and eating...oh boy can they eat!

So that's what's been happening here, living quietly as we cope with our losses...dear Rose Marshall from the Down to Forums passed away recently too as did our neighbour Mavis...a reminder to enjoy each day as it comes, they pass very quickly indeed.

I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods, pls leave a note if you're still reading, it's so good to hear from my friends and family all over the world
Big Love,