Thursday 15 September 2016

So Sad, So Sorry

I have to write this post.

I know it's not a simple lifestyle post, I know it's miserable, I know it's actually heart-breaking but I need to get my thoughts out before I crash altogether.

I am so blessed to have at least 3(5 really) 'daughters' in my life. So blessed. However the three I am going to write about are struggling and I ask you to keep them in your hearts. Their beautiful names are in order of age are Elizabeth, Priscilla and Breeann. Forgive me Monique and Kristie, you are also much loved.

Elizabeth's husband, Danny, was killed three weeks ago when his motor cycle left the road near Bunbury. They have three sons and eighteen years together but now he is gone. When Elizabeth finally got home from his funeral she had been sent a letter asking her to vacate her home by mid-November as the landlady did not want to renew her lease. Now she will have to start the very stressful search for another rental home and pack up her home. She has bursitis in both her shoulders and hips but retains her wicked sense of humour as she copes with her ill health, grief and fears for the future. Their wedding day...

Priscilla is expecting her fourth baby, a little boy already named Kullen. However her tumours have grown, blocking a kidney and necessitating a tube to be inserted to drain into an external bag. This tube has been a constant source of infection since then requiring many courses of anti-biotics and hospital visits. Her medical team plan to deliver him by caesarian section in at about 32 weeks gestation in 4 weeks time and then start aggressive chemotherapy  2 weeks hence. Understandably Priscilla is very concerned for her baby and the care of the 3 older children who are all under the age of 8 years themselves. Priss has a great network of family and friends to help with the practical things and is incredibly brave throughout this. 26 weeks...

Last but not least is our new darling Breeann. This wee angel was sent to us to heal my son's broken heart, to support us all while Mum was dying and then the icing on the cake has been to become mumma to Cyclone Charlie. Her own health has been a pain in the bum since his birth but she is still there upholding us all ,,,she is a Queen in Constance Hall's terms.

So in the meantime I am as flat as pancake, struggling with my own black dog. Today has been a little lighter for which I am so grateful. I've cooked and cleaned and gardened and finally made my way back to the Down to Earth forums which are so grounding.
Forgive me but please keep us all in your hearts.


  1. I am glad you wrote that post, Sue. I have been really worried about you and your family as you have all had to endure so much heartbreak this year. Thanks for updated us and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers as you start the healing journey.

  2. Oh gosh Sue, it never rains it only pours. My heart really goes out to you and your wonderful family. Please remember you only have to handle one day at a time. Sending you much love and my best thoughts and prayers.

  3. sorry to hear of yours & your daughters loss, has she tried Housing Commission? also isn't there women's shelters around? am sure she will find something. there are also people who will help pack up your house too, can't remember who they are called.
    you have so much sadness but then a glimmer of light shines through, hoping you all hold it together a little longer & wishing you all the best & wellness for your futures
    thanx for sharing

  4. Oh Sue. My love goes out to you in full measure. What wonderful children you have. What sad times you and yours are enduring. My prayers are with you all. When you need a hug, wrap your arms around yourself and think of all those who love you giving you a great big combined hug from the universe. And when you feel you need to scream at the world or just chat, I'm online each day on facebook. xxxxxxxxx Your fb friend, Rhonda Ferntorp.

  5. Sue, so sorry to hear about the misfortunes which your family has had to suffer. Thank goodness you are close to all your girls and have the network of extended family and friends. I hope the worst of the problems are over. Your little Charlie is gorgeous. Looks like he has brought you love and happiness and may he continue to do so. Thinking of you. Courage. xx Linda

  6. O my heart goes out to you and your family- I will put you in my prayers.

  7. {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
    You and yours are never far from my thoughts Sue. Big Love to you all xx

  8. I read your words and I think it's important to share, Sue. Sadness, grief, illness are part of a simple life too as much as they are part of non-simple lives. I am sending you, and your daughters, healing thoughts. Meg

  9. I have just been catching up on DTE Sue and your sadness. My dad died 2 1/2 years ago which ended for me what seemed a never ending story of tragic family events (10 years) Finally now I
    am comings to terms with it all. I know Sue exactly where you are at. Take time for the things you love, get plenty of rest to absorb it all. Seek help if you need it, and if you can't talk it out start a daily diary and fill it with all the worries , problems, heartache you have. I am comimg to terms that life goes on, the sun will always come up and as Mothers we sometimes just have to stand back and watch our children's destiny as we live our own. May this time for you move quickly and you find joy in being alive. Hugs ....Kasalia