I need some help as this is new ingredient for me.

I've been given 2 skinned domestic ducks weighing about 2kilos each. Yesterday I jointed one and we shared one breast shallow fried for dinner yesterday. It took longer to cook than I thought it would but was very good, I reduced wine and stock in the pan juices and added a teaspoon of my Hot Plum Sauce as well as a chopped plum.

Today I'm going to braise celery, onions, carrots and garlic and then slow cook the thighs/legs and the carcass in stock in the crockpot. Will also add a tablespoon each of tomato paste and honey mustard, 2 bay leaves and some thyme sprigs.

As our friend had skinned rather than plucked them he feels they are not suitable for roasting but I could cover them in foil.

Do you have any tips and suggestions, it's such a wonderful gift...when our friend said 2 young ducks I was expecting a couple of sparrows lol

Pics, 1 jointed duck, teaspoon for scale, 1 breast pan frying, the 2 whole ducks filled my whole draining board...