Saturday 28 April 2012

Estimated Time of Arrival

In the olden days, when I was a teenager(19yrs old to be precise) and we were expecting Auntie Jessie'sflight from from London I was sent up the road to Blay Place with a 10cent piece to phone Perth Airport and listen to the pre-recorded message telling me that the flight was on time. Then the four of us piled into our Volkswagon sedan and headed off for an hour's drive to the airport. It was much like this one without the red bits!

At that time both International and Domestic flights used what is now the Domestic Terminal, we have a posh new International Airport too now. In front of the old terminal was an Australian mini zoo where new arrivals could admire several tame kangaroos and black swans.
This pic was taken around 1970 and you can see how open and pleasant the airport was in those could wander around unchallenged and enjoy watching the runways from an open air balcony!

Now this morning I have 2 VIP's flying home from Korea via Sydney and I will simply check on-line to see if their flight is on-time before driving up to collect them. Mum and Dad have been all the way to Seoul this last week to commemorate ANZAC Day with other members of British and Australian Armed Forces....Dad is a Korean War Veteran and the South Korean Govt has paid for their accommodation, meals and tours this week as well as half the cost of their flights as a thank you to Dad for his service there in the early 1950s Hopefully I'll have lots of photos to share tomorrow. Here is Dad on leave in Tokyo around 1953, bottom right...

And on ANZAC Day 2010 ready to go in the march at Pace Road,

2011, second from right at the Memorial in Pace Rd...this was when he first heard of the Korean Govt's generous offer..

His blazer ready with the new badge, a beret, tie and various other badges came from Uncle Alan in Lancaster...they were taken to him by 2 of Dad's former Mates in the King's Regiment(Liverpool).

Can't wait to see them, they've been much missed and I'm excited to hear of their trip.

Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue

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