Saturday 7 April 2012

Some Garden Photos

After tiring myself into a temper tantrum(the first in 2 and a years!) yesterday morning I spent the afternoon reading and knitting. By about 4.30pm I felt good enough to tidy the back patio and enjoyed doing that. The low Autumn sun was so very bright and beautiful this morning so while Twitch mooched around the garden I took some photographs....

These 2 large pots of Aspidistra are descended from one small plant given to  me for Mother's Day when my children were small

Lime Tree Corner, can you see Twitch?(hint, he's in a plant pot)

Hallo Twitch!

The lemons are just starting to ripen

Not the Easter Bunny!

My reading chair, I love all the shadows in this photo

I like to look back on the garden photos from time to time, even though I'm mostly using pots as we're renting here the garden changes through the seasons and the light was so lovely this morning.
The weather forecast is for 31C today, must be a last gasp of Summer as we've had some lovely cool days around 22C.

Lots of football on telly this afternoon so I will probably finish a blanket I'm knitting. Gordie, Kris and the girls are driving home from Narrogin today and then going up to Perth to watch Perth Glory play, Jessie is playing soccer tomorrow, her 9th birthday!

I do hope you're all enjoying the Easter weekend and catching up with loved ones,
Bye bye

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