Wednesday 18 April 2012

Some Vintage Dresses

I am a real hoarder, especially of things from my childhood days. Presenting today 5 dresses worn by Mum or I dating back to the mid 50s.

Firstly we have the little dress that both Ian and I wore to our christenings when we were about 6 weeks old, mine was in January 1957...

Next in age is this lovely cocktail dress that Mum bought when she about 23yrs of age(1960) It is very small and has a long zip up the back.

This one dates back to the mid 60s and probably came from Mum's catalogue...we all had a big thick catalogue in those days to mail order almost everything.. It was as big as phone directory and filled with colourful, glossy pages of all manner of things, generally cheaper than shop prices. Mum also earned a little money(credit?) as an agent.

This next is an handmade 1967 Kipper Tie dress made by my best friend's Mum, the wonderful Marj Scargill who lived 4 doors down. My mum brought the fabric home from work one night and Mrs Scargill made Gillian and I a dress each...they have long zips up the back too. I had/have black patent shoes from then and we wore long white socks with them. Here are some more swinging sixties dresses

Last of all this pink floral sweetie was bought in Boans when they were still on Pace Rd in Medina...I was 12-13 yrs old when I wore this...

Just a bit of fun for my daughters and grandaughters, hope you enjoyed they bring back memories?

Love from Sue

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