Wednesday 20 February 2013

Spot The Rabbit

As you may already know from my last 2 posts our family loves nature...

so shall we have a little fun with Twitch...

Silly bunny!


  1. What a goof. I will let you to decide which of you...:)

  2. Oh Sue, our computers ben off so I'm just catching up. What a few days you have had. Your dad is such a man, my Steve is much the same, listens to no one's advice. He is doing better, no signs of tumors in brain scan, just the horrid fatigue from chemo. You have inspired me with your new budget plans, I just may try that myself. I purchased a new gas range and fridge this week, am all excited to cook from scratch again. Take care,Hedy. Oh BTW, I did spy the bunny.

  3. That took some crazy squinting and eye roaming till I did spot him in the second pic and burst out laughing!

  4. Oh, I see him hiding there! How sweet!

  5. Sue,
    My friend Theresa nominated me to a Liebster Award and in turn I needed to nominate a few other people so I have nominated you. Please take a look at my last post and see the rules of this tag. It is fun and a way to get to know each other.