Thursday 28 February 2013

Caleb is 6!!!

Time does fly indeed and yesterday our darling grandson, Caleb, turned 6 years of age....these are Elizabeth's words...

       "Did you hear that? That's my Caleb just finishing his sixth lap around the sun (and still showing no signs of slowing down)!

On this day six years ago I was on the operating table (caesar) while Danny was teasing me that "there's twins!!" A few minutes later, as the Doc pulled Caleb out and handed him to the nurse, Danny tried to convince me that "he's blonde!!" Pfft, yeah right.

Back on the ward an hour later somebody unwrapped the blankets and I couldn't believe it. It wasn't just blonde, it was like the palest gold. And so began six long years of 'sleeping with the milkman' jokes. LOL And may there be many more to come!

For those of you who don't already know, we don't celebrate birthdays but if you want to send us some well wishes can I remind you that each year 2.6 MILLION children under five die from malnutrition and ask you to remember your favourite children's charity next time you have an opportunity to be generous.

(My fave is Plan: "

He's doing well at school and is always a delightful, well spoken little him so very much.

Rent Inspection went very well yesterday and my grocery challenge is still on track. I made an eggplant and chicken curry(one sml breast), tarka dahl(better than sliced bread now that I've learned to fry up the spices and add them after the lentils have cooked) and a spiced rice dish so I won't need to cook today.

Hope you are keeping well, another hot day is forecast, it's been in the mid-30s all week and it's wearing rather thin! The may be showers this weekend and slightly cooler temps under the cloud cover from Cyclone Rusty. It only caused minor damage in the end but is causing flooding in some areas of the North-West.

Stay cool, warm or dry depending on where you are,
Love from Sue


  1. What a handsome lad! Happy Birthday to Caleb XO

  2. Those blue eyes will break some hearts when he's older, so adorable!

  3. Such a lovely child. Bautiful blue eyes, full of excitment!! Happy belated birthday!