Friday 15 February 2013

Potato and Pepperoni Casserole and a Mermaid

Googling potato and pepperoni yesterday afternoon to see how to use these two ingredients together brought me to this recipe. It uses some kind of frozen potatoes and I have some lovely big brushed potatoes so I boiled up a kilo or so and chopped them into bite-sized pieces.

Made a creamy sauce and added too much fresh tasted like medicine so I slopped in some American Mustard! In a casserole dish make rough layers of potato, a cup of peas/corn, some sliced and chopped meat, you could use pepperoni/bacon/ham/chorizo etc, 1/2 cup chopped red capsicum and pour your sauce over. Sprinkle with as much cheese as you like and bake for around 30mins, just long enough for everything to be hot and the cheese melted and browned...

It is really so very good!

This photo was taken of Elizabeth in Exmouth when she was almost 3 years old, she looks like a chubby little mermaid...

I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Bye for now,

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  1. The salad sounds delicious!! This must be your daughter. She is adorable and I imagine she still has that beautiful blonde hair!! This photo reminds me of our kids when they were that young.