Sunday 3 February 2013

Priscilla's News

Quite frightening so I'll let you go over to her blog to read her own words, after 15 months she seems no closer to the correct treatment for this tumour but she remains stunningly brave.

Priscilla's Journey


  1. OMG indeed. Still sending all my love and best wishes, I'm just blown away by her news. I really think now she should be looking for a second opinion, it sounds like they're not very proactive.

  2. Sue, Priscilla's news was totally unexpected and unsettling. I agree that now might be the time for a second opinion. I know nothing of Canadian medical situations, but feel there mut be another option. My heart aches for you, randma to grandma, we all want only the best life for our kiddos. Take good care, positive thoughts sent to you from Indiana, you all are in my prayers. Hedy