Saturday 14 September 2013

View From the Second Floor

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy people-watching and just generally watching and our second floor room on Avenue Du Parc is perfect for this lol

We walked at least 5 miles today so there are more photos to upload. This weekend there is a two-day POP festival in the Parc(k) nearby as well as a big bike race and the regular drumming at the statue of George-Etiene Cartier on Ave du Parc. I was delighted to see a big food truck already in situ as one of my favourite US TV programmes is called Food Truck Race and I love to see what they can concoct in their kitchens on wheels....this one is called something like the "Pigs' Feet" which doesn't sound very appealing!!!

Wishing my beloved son, Gordon, a very happy 34th birthday for Saturday
 see you soon,

Have a great weekend every-one
Love Sue


  1. Great photo of you !!! Nice to see you via photos! You look wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Happy birthday to you son. Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. quite like that photo of you susie q :)

  3. I am really enjoying seeing your photos of your walks...and your people watching, Sue! LOL!