Saturday 7 September 2013

An Afternoon in Ottawa

We've been so busy de-cluttering/cleaning/helping care for the children etc this week but as we're going back to Montreal tomorrow I really, really wanted to spend a little time in Canada's beautiful capital city, Ottawa. Two short bus-rides and we were there, the gothic architecture is almost unbelievably wonderful...

the Chateau Laurier is over a century old and much of it's new furniture sank on the Titanic

such a contrast between old and new

the Houses of Parliament, behind and down a steep hill is the Ottawa River

bronze statue of a brave Mohawk chief,

we love Rufus's songs and voice but will miss this show
fish and chip lunch at the 3 Brewers

Joe had mussels and chips or moules et frites!

Life-size Mountie Moose

the old and the very old

a garden of plants with black foliage

So tomorrow Gerry is driving us back to Montreal to a hotel for our last 2 weeks. It's in a quieter part of the city so I'll be out and about taking lots of pics,
Until next time, Love from Sue


  1. Oh i agree, it has beautiful buildings. They dont make them like that anymore. Im so enjoying your trip.

  2. It's lovely to see a post from you Sue, I miss you at the forum!