Tuesday 3 September 2013

Out With Gerry and Austin

2 "green" shopping bags, each made from 1 plastic bottle and a 350gm ball of baby yarn for $10Cdn
Yesterday we went out with Gerry and Austin, firstly to see where Dominic's ashes are buried and pay our last repsects to our little grandson who died of SIDS in 2009 and then to have a special dinner together.

First though I took a pic or two of Walmart and contrary to certain emails that are circulated about Walmart customers every-one was well-dressed, cheerful and friendly. Inside it's like being in an aircraft hanger, it's vast and has a huge grocery section, clothing and homewares, books and electrical goods etc etc.

modern terraced houses in Ottawa...

Dominic's plaque in a very sad little section known as Babyland, it was very moving...

3 generations of Caissy males...

 across the road was evidence of the multi-cultural city Ottawa is these days, there were graves of people from China, Vietnam, Wales, England, Russia, Poland, France, side by side in the park-like setting...

Then we went to the restaurant Gerry had planned to take us to, a 4-star seafood restaurant in Little Italy but it was closed so we went across to Chinatown and had an amazing meal...a Szechuan buffet...

This is 20 month old Austin shortly before he had the screaming ab-dabs as he was so very tired...Gerry took him outside for a while and he was much happier when he came back...

mushroom and seafood soup and pork spring rolls...

Thai basil beef, Szechuan chili prawns, sweet and sour pork and a spicy garlic chicken dish as well as special fried rice...it was all so delicious, the Yangtze has a very good reputation and they were hosting a wedding reception in the next room..

The new and happier Austin!...

Thank you Gerry for a very memorable and enjoyable afternoon

Hope all is well with you, I haven't been able to access the Down the Forums since we landed so hallo to my friends over there!
Love from Sue


  1. I've just caught up on your posts from Canada. They are great very informative and interesting and I'm loving all the photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Good to hear from you, Sue. We were saying on the DTE Forum how much we missed you and hope that you are really enjoying your holiday in beautiful Canada!

  3. Hi Sue so glad the trip is going well, you are missed at DTE.

  4. Hi Sue, so glad that you and Joe are having a wonderful holiday and enjoying the special times with you family. Am loving the photos
    Hugs Lorraine x

  5. Looks lovely Sue- I hope to get there one day...may even take His Lordship! ;)

  6. Such a sad thing for you to see, Sue - that little plaque. {{{hugs}}}