Tuesday 10 September 2013

Inner City Gardens

One thing that Rhonda at the Down to Earth Blog and Forums is often asked is, "How can I live a simple life in the city?". Rhonda tells her readers that you can live a simple life any-where at any age and income by starting slowly and making gentle changes as you move through your days.
Here in Montreal most homes are re-cycling, in fact many homeless people collect and return beer bottles and cans etc for the 10 to 20 cents they are given per bottle.
Today, while out walking in our neighbourhood, I was thrilled to see so many tiny but intense gardens on the sunny sides of the streets...all front gardens too btw

beautiful purple beans growing over a fence and up to a balcony(below)

pots of tomatoes

this eggplant/aubergine is almost ripe, it was about 5 inches in diam.

happy, smiling sunflowers

this "hedge" of large tomato plants was very fruitful!

a gorgeous dahlia

this was a lovely cottage style garden

cherry tomatoes growing on a 2nd floor balcony.

We also saw a large apple tree in one of these small garden as well as chillies and silverbeet...and Montreal has a relatively short summer but these canny neighbours have made the most of their little plots. Rhonda will be delighted to see these pics :D



  1. Oh I just love dahlias. That one is beautiful

  2. Lovely garden photos Sue especially the veg---hope you're eating lots of veg and salad too as the food photos don't look very healthy ha ha.Love to all, Sues mum XX

  3. Yes, she is! Isn't it great to see this in the city. It just goes to show what a bit of work and imagination does for you. xx