Saturday 21 September 2013

Montreal Nord/North Montreal

I don't seem to have had time to scratch myself this week with changing hotels and making farewell visits to family and friends. Yesterday we spent with Joe's mother and brother at her home on the north shore of the island. The St Lawrence River runs along the south shore and the Riviere des Prairies runs along the north shore of the island of Montreal.
Maman lives in an apartment in a block for senior citizens, she has a lively social life and still manages most things for herself despite her age and the awful arthritis she suffers from.
I went across to the park to take some photos...

The beautiful Canada goose was enjoying the sunny afternoon on the sandbank, they will be flying south to warmer climes very soon. They are as large as a swan and quite impressive.
In the park are 2 areas to play petanque or boules, there is exercise equipment and many beautiful trees and flowers.
We took Maman a large pot of asters ...

these pumpkins/gourds are everywhere now as Autumn and Halloween decorations

this was once the seminary attached to the church across the square, now it houses a library and public buildings
several local parks have these enormous green chairs, what fun, can you see them in the next photo too?

the church and the view from our windows, the subway station is in the square as well as a cafe and the lovely plant and fruit shop, the bells are currently chiming for noon, they also ring at 6pm for Angelus prayers

funnily enough we have the H and the O of hotel on our windows lol You can see too that my ankles are no longer swollen lol

We leave in 2 days so will probably not have time to post again,
Have a great weekend
Love to you all


  1. So glad that you have had a good time with your family in this trip. Lovely place! Those huge chairs in the park are so fun. Great for a photo!
    Nice to see that your ankles are no longer swollen.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations on the return of your natural ankles.

  3. What a stunning part of the world!

  4. I love those huge green chairs too. The architecture in Canada is just stunning, isn't it? I think that some of those old buildings are amazing.

    Enjoy your trip home Sue. I hope your ankles don't swell too much in the plane.

  5. You must be having a wonderful trip. Keep those feet up while on the plane. I'm coming to OZ in April to visit our daughter. I hope to take as many lovely photos as you have. Safe travels. Hedy