Friday 31 August 2012

Spring Flowers

I went for a short drive on Saturday morning and it seemed everywhere was Green and Gold! There are fields of yellow flowers(weeds) and banks of wattle bushes flowering and perfuming in the air. On Sunday morning I took time to take a few photos...

Geraldton Wax, a native shrub...Geraldton is a coastal town 6 hours drive north of Perth and these little flowers do look waxen...

Another native is this wattle, it grows wild, up to 3 metres high and will soon be covered in this sweet scented blossum, unfortunately a lot of people are allergic to it..

This is one of many types of Bottlebrush or Callistemons growing wild in this area

Blogger has been acting up since Wednesday morning and not letting me post any photos hence the silence from here.
Sadly, the news from Priscilla is not good after her trip to Toronto on Tuesday so you can read about that on her own blog.

Rhonda's Hanno has had an awful accident with his chain saw and needed surgery on his right wrist yesterday so we're thinking of him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Joe is off to watch some of "his" kids play in a local chess tournament today. I've mowed the back garden and just had a phone call from the agents to say the lawn-mower man is coming back next week as he should have done it yesterday! His Dad spent 3 hours weeding the wild grass out of the front garden bed and I "found" a dumped succulent in a ceramic pot on the verge across the road this morning. Earlier this week I planted 2 sturdy tomato plants in pots and I'll get some more next week.

I do you hope you have a good weekend, with loved ones if possible, with your garden if not!
Bye bye,

Priscilla's Latest Blog Post,

Not brilliant news at all I'm afraid, let's hold Priscilla and Will in our thoughts as they work our what steps to take now,

Sending much love,

Tuesday 28 August 2012

An Afternoon With Family

Just a few pics taken at Mum and Dad's recently when Gordie, Jess and Olivia helped me cart some "stuff" for storage there. It's almost Spring as you can see from the profusion of flowers the girls collected...Olivia making a flower arrangement with a white chocolate Tim Tam(biscuit) safely held between her teeth...

Her posy...

Er, could I have the camera back please, Jessie?

Jess has mastered the art of self-portraits

Livvie is

78 yr great grand-dad spotted up the ladder...

monkey see monkey do...

Jessica is game for anything really...her Dad holds the ladder steady...

We also picked bags of limes, lemons and oranges from Mr Hesse's trees that overhang the fence and we admired his ducks.

Joe is teaching chess at school today so I'll potter around here all day I think, I'm slowly weeding the back "lawn" by is almost totally weeds or wild plants so I'm hoping to re-establish a nice grassy area for playing on,

Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue

Friday 24 August 2012

Counting My Blessings

Feeling really happy this morning after a good night's sleep....

Black-out curtains       $120.00
95mins extra sleep       Priceless!

Feeling so grateful for a special husband( and rabbit), my family and friends, a very comfortable home and garden, plenty of good food, a car that starts first time, free medical care and best of all, peace of mind. We have come a very long way in a very short time.

What are you appreciating these days, are you taking time to stop and look around you and all that is wonderful in your world?

This guy certainly is.....think I know who made those choppers too lol

Have a fantastic weekend,
Love from Sue

Thursday 23 August 2012

Keeping It Simple and a Glimpse of Our Garden

My simple living skills have stood me in good stead these last 2 months when our world was turned on it's head. We had emergency savings in the bank, a small stockpile of food to use up, home-made cleaners to safely clean when we moved out, skills to cook cheap meals from scratch without recipe books and lots of great family and friends to support us.

My first free time was spent pruning shrubs to make the garden safe for our rabbit, was very grey when we took the first pic but you see that the shrubs are dense and offer far too many hiding places!

Now Twitch can run but he can't hide!!!

He's made a cubby under the left-hand pile and is eating it from the inside out!!!

On Friday we had a flat battery, no house phone and no credit on the mobile so it befell yours truly to walk to the nearest garage to phone the RAC for help. It's big rubbish collection around here and the piles of decent furntiure dumped outside houses is much waste all going into landfill. I spotted this gorgeous chair and carried it home on my shoulder, just needs a little TLC and a cushion.....Duck(a long ago Mother's Day gift) is happy to be settled once more...

My smaller pot-plants are here now but we need the trailer for the larger pots and my big boys have been ill with 'real' flu....

the view from Joe's study...a little frivolity...

So that is the garden for now. The lawn is mainly weeds and there's a big bag of poison in the shed for them that WILL NOT be getting used. This morning I watched a beautiful grey heron land in the garden behind us and then take off again, Port Lincoln parrots visit every day and I have seen galahs, black cockatoos and even a Western Rosella fly over.

I'm off to Mandurah today to have blood taken and will pop in to see Mandy on the way. My crazy Mum(75yrs) and Barb are playing 27 holes of golf today in the Club Championships...good luck! They'll sleep well tonight!

Love from Sue

PS thank you for all the lovely comments and support xx

Tuesday 21 August 2012

A New Home

Delighted to be back and we have a lovely new home to show you, Mum was right(as always)...sometimes what seems just awful can often be a change for the good. Twitch loves his new big garden and everything we have fits so very well here...especially us.

After a week of no internet or phone I have lots of catching up to do so bye bye for now,
Sincerely hope all is well at your place,

Love from Sue