Thursday 23 August 2012

Keeping It Simple and a Glimpse of Our Garden

My simple living skills have stood me in good stead these last 2 months when our world was turned on it's head. We had emergency savings in the bank, a small stockpile of food to use up, home-made cleaners to safely clean when we moved out, skills to cook cheap meals from scratch without recipe books and lots of great family and friends to support us.

My first free time was spent pruning shrubs to make the garden safe for our rabbit, was very grey when we took the first pic but you see that the shrubs are dense and offer far too many hiding places!

Now Twitch can run but he can't hide!!!

He's made a cubby under the left-hand pile and is eating it from the inside out!!!

On Friday we had a flat battery, no house phone and no credit on the mobile so it befell yours truly to walk to the nearest garage to phone the RAC for help. It's big rubbish collection around here and the piles of decent furntiure dumped outside houses is much waste all going into landfill. I spotted this gorgeous chair and carried it home on my shoulder, just needs a little TLC and a cushion.....Duck(a long ago Mother's Day gift) is happy to be settled once more...

My smaller pot-plants are here now but we need the trailer for the larger pots and my big boys have been ill with 'real' flu....

the view from Joe's study...a little frivolity...

So that is the garden for now. The lawn is mainly weeds and there's a big bag of poison in the shed for them that WILL NOT be getting used. This morning I watched a beautiful grey heron land in the garden behind us and then take off again, Port Lincoln parrots visit every day and I have seen galahs, black cockatoos and even a Western Rosella fly over.

I'm off to Mandurah today to have blood taken and will pop in to see Mandy on the way. My crazy Mum(75yrs) and Barb are playing 27 holes of golf today in the Club Championships...good luck! They'll sleep well tonight!

Love from Sue

PS thank you for all the lovely comments and support xx


  1. Still envious. Does not make me a bad person, yes?

  2. Uh-oh! You have no idea who I am! Yesterday you e-mailed me, asking for my address and I wrote back asking for yours. Cannot use my whole name, only the first initial.

    Your turn!

  3. LOL I did hope twas you but didn't have time to follow your to now...Love you!!!!

    1. I love you nana
      you rock nana
      love Jess

  4. Oh my goodness... good job getting the pots over to the new place... more to come, hey? Keep us updated with pics!