Friday 31 August 2012

Spring Flowers

I went for a short drive on Saturday morning and it seemed everywhere was Green and Gold! There are fields of yellow flowers(weeds) and banks of wattle bushes flowering and perfuming in the air. On Sunday morning I took time to take a few photos...

Geraldton Wax, a native shrub...Geraldton is a coastal town 6 hours drive north of Perth and these little flowers do look waxen...

Another native is this wattle, it grows wild, up to 3 metres high and will soon be covered in this sweet scented blossum, unfortunately a lot of people are allergic to it..

This is one of many types of Bottlebrush or Callistemons growing wild in this area

Blogger has been acting up since Wednesday morning and not letting me post any photos hence the silence from here.
Sadly, the news from Priscilla is not good after her trip to Toronto on Tuesday so you can read about that on her own blog.

Rhonda's Hanno has had an awful accident with his chain saw and needed surgery on his right wrist yesterday so we're thinking of him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Joe is off to watch some of "his" kids play in a local chess tournament today. I've mowed the back garden and just had a phone call from the agents to say the lawn-mower man is coming back next week as he should have done it yesterday! His Dad spent 3 hours weeding the wild grass out of the front garden bed and I "found" a dumped succulent in a ceramic pot on the verge across the road this morning. Earlier this week I planted 2 sturdy tomato plants in pots and I'll get some more next week.

I do you hope you have a good weekend, with loved ones if possible, with your garden if not!
Bye bye,

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