Saturday, 16 April 2022

Recent Knitting



  1. I am seriously jealous of your knitting. My dolls turn out weirdly and my faces leave a lot to be desired. Yours are cute.
    Lovely colour work.
    A nice show of your knitting

  2. Thank you my Dear...I can assure a lot of 'my' faces get pulled out again if they look too scary :)
    Good to hear from you again x

  3. gorgeous knitting, love the pink jumper, is that an Icelandic pattern, seamless ? i so want to have a go at seamless knitting ; love the fairisle vest too, looks similar to a pattern i have here... awww that blanket must be nice & cozy too!
    kitty enjoying your knitting time too. mine are a pain when i sit & knit, lucky to get any done with my 2 as they love to get up cross over lap & back again then start rubbing the hands (not good, always dropping stitches when they do that hahaha) but they're so lovable it's hard to tell them off
    lovely to see you still crafting
    thanx for sharing