Thursday 5 April 2012

Happy Birthday Mummsie!

My 200th post and what more special subject than Mum's 75th Birthday! Isn't she lovely?

On a recent holiday

With her own Mum, around 1954, aged 17yrs

Happy Birthday, Mum...hope you're having a wonderful day.

Mum is out playing 18holes of golf today and then as Women's House Captain she will oversee the lunch and other such matters after the game! We'll go and visit her this afternoon with a few edible gifts and treats and some special orange cake.

Elizabeth and Danny "celebrated" (ie both forgot) their 9th wedding anniversary yesterday and Jessie turns 9 yrs of age on Sunday, April 8th. Also thinking of my Nana Gardner this month as she would have been 104 yrs old on April 10th...I still miss her very much.

I do hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend however you celebrate it, it's just good to be at home with your family I do believe.


  1. From Aileen "Your Mam looks amazing. Her skin is incredible. Happy Birthday to her. xxx"

    and Our Katherine "Happy birthday Aunty Marge x"

  2. Happy birthday Sue's Mum! You really haaven't changed much, you do look like your Mum.

    Congrats Susie Q.

  3. Know what Our Rose?, Mum loves your comments and sees what a dear friend you are. Thank you for being my matters.