Monday 15 July 2013


... are funny things when you have retired, truly each day is a holiday but we do have to fit in with society and those around us who are still working.
Yesterday Joe and I attended a friendly BBQ at Thomas Oval held for members of a local Facebook group who had not met each other before. In the interests of building and promoting community spirit one Admin member, Wayne, bought sausages, bread rolls, sauces and soft drinks etc and the other Admin member, Liz, and her partner, Bevan, brought their huge BBQ and a million sliced onions. Around 25-30 members turned up despite the wintry weather and we enjoyed chatting while Bevan cooked our lunch. The mayor, Carol Adams, popped in for 30 minutes on her way to her birthday celebration lunch and I met Mary, the mum of Elizabeth's kindy boyfriend all those years ago.
I didn't take any photos out of respect for the privacy of the members but I do encourage you to get out into your community and meet your neighbours. At our next gtg we plan to take along un-needed books, plants, surplus fruit perhaps from our gardens and put them out on a table for others to help themselves to.

Two nights ago I took the big camera outside to catch this sunset...and vowed to stop using my little camera after I saw how much better these next 2 photos are!

and a bunny in the woods...

On Saturday I popped into the local shops and just where the koala had been last week was a little "Petting Farm"; an assortment of lambs, chooks and ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, a mini pig, and an alpaca, all very tame and there for the children to stroke and get close to...the mini pig had a curly black and tan coat but my batteries went flat...
a bird's eye view of a shiny lop-eared rabbit...

ducklings, chickens and 3 baby bunnies ...

can you see the bunny on it's tippy toes to reach the carrots in the green basket?

and beautiful Albert the Alpaca...


The hospital was too busy to admit Priscilla last night so we're hoping tonight will be she is yesterday at 34 weeks...she looks so very healthy despite the cancer doesn't she?

Now we're on stand-by again and sending all our love to Priss and her family, I hope you will do the same.

Hope to have some exciting news from her tomorrow,
Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue


  1. Beautiful Photos. Got to love a pink sky.

  2. I think she is one 'hot' mumma! And don't let her forget it..

  3. Sue, I was thinking how well she looked too.I hope all goes well for the birth.

    I meant to tell you that on our way back from our holidays at the beach we saw a sign that said that the fine for keeping rabbits in Queensland was something like $30,000! I thought of you when I read that. LOL!

    1. Wow you'd have to be a serious rabbit lover to risk that huge fine! I know some ppl dp keep them and call them "guinea pigs"!

  4. Who has cancer? Hope and prayers for a good result.
    Whau, lots of pets. They sure look healthy and content.
    Looks like you are about to get a new baby in the family. Is she your daughter? Congratulations!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Hallo Angela, sadly the beautiful Priscilla in my photo has cancer and will resume her chemo after the baby is born. There is a link to her blog at the side of this page if you want to read more. :(

  5. Still thinking of Priscilla.

    1. Thank you, lovely lady, she needs all the warm wishes she can get
      Love to Charlie Pusskins too

  6. Sorry to hear about that Sue. I will look for the link and read a bit more. We pray and hope for the best. Give her my love!

  7. Best wishes for Priscilla. She does look healthy I wouldn't have guessed that she has cancer.

    PS: Love that beautiful pink sky.
    PSS: Check your email Sue, you won yourself some lovely Cosima skincare.

  8. She looks good, Sue. Hoping you all have had good news of a safe, healthy delivery. In our thoughts and prayers. Hedy

  9. Lots of love and healing thoughts for Priscilla.