Saturday 27 July 2013

A Black-shouldered Kite

I'm still shaking after the excitement of this beautiful visitor and the fact that I was able to get some nice photos using the big camera. It's rather heavy for me so I stood leaning against the wall of the house and keeping my head pressed against the brickwork!

Gaynor(she of the olives/spring rolls and LARP) recognised it from my photos.
You can read more about them here, I really don't think I've seen one before and I am a keen bird-lover.
The little wild birds were ominously quiet and I think the kite was checking out the aviary next which is home to some small finches etc.



  1. Nice photos, Sue. We had an unusual visitor walking up our driveway today and I have no idea what kind of bird it was. It certainly looked out of place here. We usually have cockatoos and rosellas flying around.

  2. Sue those photos are amazing!