Monday 29 July 2013

Helping Australian Primary Producers

I've mentioned before the importance of supporting local producers before we lose them and have to import all our food from overseas and grown under what conditions I shudder to think.

The SPC Ardmona Group of  fruit canners have been producing fruit and tomatoes here in Australia for well over 100yrs but now with the major supermarkets importing so much produce the pressure on the local farmers and suppliers is huge and they're begging us to help.

Rhonda has started a petition on her blog today, please sign it if this concerns you and also please read the labels when you're buying tinned products...the saying is that "we pay now or we pay later"!
Tessa posted this link at the forums today.

In 2011 Queensland alone lost 45 small dairy farms, now our fruit and vegie growers are under 'attack' with cheap frozen produce coming in from China etc. Fish and seafood mass produced on Asian fish farms is just about all that is available in some supermarkets.
I'm still buying our milk, butter and juice from Aussie Farmers Direct and fruit and vegies from the Spud Shed as the fresh produce is locally grown.

Pay now or pay later.
Thank you, climbs off soapbox/fruit crate!


  1. It is important that people are made aware of these things, so thank goodness for soapboxes - and the people who use them.

  2. I got on my soapbox/fruit crate too today on my blog, Sue. It just makes my blood boil to see what is happening to our farmers. It was bad enough with the dairy farmers going out of business but now it just seems to be across the board. Where do people think our food is going to come from once we aren't producing our own? I just can't understand why it is allowed to happen.

    ....climbing off the fruit crate now!