Monday 1 July 2013

R.I.P. Ma Tante Louise

Very sadly we lost Joe's "Aunt" Louise on Thursday. She was a distant relative by marriage but an Aunt by love, of which she gave plenty. Joe's childhood was sometimes very unhappy and ma tante Louise was often there to smooth things over between Maman and Joe and his brother and sisters.
When Joe had his double by-pass in 2005 it was Aunt Louise that I phoned in Montreal to give her the latest updates so that she could translate and pass on the news to Maman for us. Being born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada meant she was bi-lingual.
In 2009 she was still working as a part time waitress at the St Aubin Restaurant and we had several delicious meals there with our extended family. Lou would ask the chef to save the largest, fattest rainbow trout for my lunch!

Outside the restaurant holding Maman's birthday flowers for her, they were very close friends for so many years...

This is a bit blurry but it's how we will remember her, that is her only grandchild, Melanie, next to her and Mel's husband, Yannick, with the beard...

Another day she picked us up at the Metro station and took us across to Laval where her son, Bert lives with his wife, Francine. Interestingly Louise and Francine's mother met in the maternity ward when they had their babies, they remained friends and now their babies have been married for over 30 years! Melanie and the children, Ben and Cassie were there too and we had a lovely afternoon outdoors with a tasty BBQ lunch. Ma tante(66) had a go on the bouncy castle and fell out through the side, we couldn't stop laughing!

Sweet little Cassie with her best friend...

We kept in touch on facebook through her next door neighbour and much loved friend Aida who was like a daughter to her, I love this photo of them together...Aida is a skilled hairdresser and Lou's hair was always colourful and stylish...

Despite being widowed very early when her husband, Raymond, died in a motor accident, despite losing her elder son, Bernard, in another vehicle accident several years ago and despite her only great-granddaughter battling cancer* at the age of 3 years Louise remained up-beat and happy, loving and very caring and she will be so sadly missed. It would have been her 70th birthday on Wednesday, July 3rd.
Her funeral will be on July 13th.

RIP sweet lady, we were so looking forward to seeing you again this summer but will be thinking of you.

*the same cancer that Priscilla currently is fighting, Cassie is in remission now thank heavens.


  1. Awe, Sue.... I'm so sorry :( Thank you for sharing Tante Louise with us ~ she was a wonderful woman! (((((((Sue))))))

  2. Sue so sorry to hear the sad news of your tante Louise. Thinking of you and your family.

  3. Sorry to hear about losing a much loved and important member of your family, Sue. She looks like she was a very happy lady and I am sure she leaves behind a wonderful legacy.

  4. Tante Louise looks like she was a lovely bubbly person and enjoyed life. Big hugs to you and Joe and hoping all the happy memories you made with her see you through this.
    Robyn xo

  5. {{{hugs}}} so sorry for your loss. Joes Aunt sounds like a wonderful woman.
    What a lovely story of Bert and Francine :)