Thursday 11 July 2013

Of Babies and Birds, Balls and Bad Cars!

Lots of bits and bobs to share today.
Yesterday Priscilla met with her specialist team and they have decided to induce her labour on Sunday night if they have room at the inn, er, hospital. Liam is almost 5lbs in weight and doing very well so he may be allowed home sooner than we had hoped...we're all very excited.
At 4pm yesterday our grandson Jacob was blessed with a baby brother, Reuben. All the family is very well and the baby is gorgeous. He weighed 6lbs he is with his big brother xxx

We have a pair of parrots visit our back garden several times a day, perhaps it's the cat-free haven they enjoy. I think they're all called "Ricky" because that's what they call out to each sitting on the fence and one on the grass...

I was delighted last night to find that the Ashes cricket matches are on free-to-air television, I didn't think I'd be seeing any of the games. Although I could only stay awake for the first session it was great viewing, England were all out for a measly 215 runs but they bowled well and had Australia 4-75 at the close of play. Each test match goes for 5 days and there will be 5 matches....sports watcher's paradise lol

And the last "B" in today's post is our (b) naughty car. The wiper motor conked out on Tuesday afternoon and Gordon couldn't get the wiper off so I went to buy something called a "3 jaw manual puller" which may have done the trick. Needless to say that after trying 4 different auto shops there are none available in Rockingham and I ended up at Palatchie's Earthmoving Repairs in Compton Rd. The boss man there came out to the car and with the help of 2 screwdrivers and his mate with a hammer they popped the wiper off in a few seconds! So after 2 hours I was back at the auto shop to buy a wiper motor. None in stock, 3-5 days wait and it turned out they ordered the wrong thing anyway. Gordon is going to get a second-hand one from a wreck in Kwinana this the meantime if it looks like rain we're housebound but I'm more than ready for a day at home after this busy week! I was out for 4 hours altogether but I did get to see 4 grandchildren so that made up for it!
The wiper motor in situ, very awkward to get to...

  and the silly little burnt bit, the small vertical piece just to the right of the main motor...

That's all folk's!
Have a triffic Thursday,
Love from Sue


  1. Congratulations on the new additions to your family!

  2. Fabulous news. Wishing Pris all the best

  3. Sending lots of love your way Sue-welcome to Reuben and awaiting news of Liam. XXXX