Monday 8 July 2013

We Went To The Soccer Match!

On Saturday I picked up Jessica, then Caleb and David and then Dad and we went to a free soccer match at Kelly Park. The Perth Glory who play in the National Soccer League came down to play a friendly against Kwinana United...the Glory Coach is now Alistair Edwards who began his own playing career at Kwinana before going on to play for Glory himself.
The club had organised free bouncy castles and face painting for the children and I was looking forward to catching up with old friends.

I took a lot of photos so here they are...David and Caleb in the bouncy castle...

The Kwinana team start their warm-up...

Dad keeps an eye on our boys...

David ran across the pitch twice while Glory were warming up, the chap in the black tracksuit kept an eye on him...he surprised me by how fast he was over such a long distance. When the game started and he was sitting on the side a high and heavy ball hit him right on his forehead...he didn't cry and just carried on eating his sausage sizzle! I could have cried.

This photo was taken by Nick Moodie, can you see Jess and I on the left? I was trying to explain the offside rule :D

Just having a little rest after running around with some of the many other children there...Caleb was told that the pig melons growing wild around there would explode if he touched them!

Then we met Maurice and Nick, it was Maurice's 81st birthday... they lived next door to us for almost 40 years!

Along came Carol and her Mum while I was talking to Danny...

Jessica took a photo of a thorn between two roses...

The match ended 4-0 to Perth Glory which was not really a surprise, the Kwinana lads put up a great fight and the 'keeper saved a penalty.
We walked back to the car via the playground...the flying fox was popular, Jessie had to lift David up so he could reach the bar...

Great Granddad gets ready to catch...

Jessie's turn and yes she was freezing lol Alistair Edwards signed her cap and several of the Glory players signed her soccer ball, a nice souvenir...

Swinging time...

Then we went back to Mum and Dad's for a cuppa and a raid on the biscuit box! Mum and Dad had picked 3 huge bags of citrus fruits for us so we packed them into the car and headed for our homes. It really was a great day, thanks to every-one at both clubs who made it happen and it's always special to spend time with my family. Caleb asked Elizabeth later that evening, "Where is Nana taking us tomorrow?" I had to laugh.

This morning the temp in Perth was 2C and we had frost on our lawn, Twitch went outside as he likes to do but came straight back in as it was far too cold for a softy rabbit like him!

Shopping day, today, I'd feel more like it if I hadn't fallen backwards into the shower recess at 1 am when I got up to use the bathroom, I have a sore head, neck and tail-bone now but it's easing as the day goes on!
Never a dull moment around here!

Have a great week,
Love Sue


  1. Oh Sue, what a lovely time you all had...and now I hope you are recovering?

  2. What a wonderful day. Isnt it great how kids make your day come alive. They keep you young. I bet the smile never left your face all day.

  3. I hope you aren't too sore, Sue. It is so easy to lose your balance as you get older although you look like such a spring chicken! LOL!

  4. Great photos!What a fun day! Looks like it's cool there since you are all using jackets. Here it's warm and humid. That humidity makes the day too hot. It was nice to get the rain last night. Nice to see the enjoyment you have with family.