Tuesday 2 July 2013

Wintry Garden

It may not look like Winter when you see this bright blue sky but there is a nip in the air and lots of rain on the horizon. In fact the cloud cover is complete now and it's looking rather dark outside.
Strong winds have almost stripped the Cape Lilac trees bare now but a tomato plant is thriving and other plants are coming into their own season...and we've had the very first passionfruit off the neighbour's vine!


no flowers yet on this tomato but it will certainly have a head start come Spring...

this nasturtium plant grew from a cutting, I've never even thought about doing that before as at the old house they just self-seeded every Autumn...

Twitch's treehouse...a huge asparagus fern under the kitchen window provides security from cats etc and I suppose it's a very natural place for him to enjoy his day-time snoozes, it will too wet tomorrow so make the most of it today, Sweetie...

These little dill plants have come up all over the patio, I'll leave them for now and just harvest them as I would if they were growing anywhere else, a nasturtium and a tomato plant have also self-seeded nearby.

Today I mowed the front garden, made some Mexican style soup similar to this recipe, I had some of that chicken breast left over too and the lime juice made it so refreshing. I used zucchini in place of the green beans and added some frozen peas n corn. Off now to make some Puttanesca sauce for tonight's spaghetti, it is just delicious and very thrifty too. Joe can have some apples stewed in honey and cinnamon for his dessert!

Thanks you for all the lovely comments about Ma Tante Lou yesterday and today, both here and on Facebook, it helps to know we are not alone at times like this doesn't it?

Bye bye for now,


  1. It's looking green and lush out there Sue.

  2. Lovely photos, love the bunny he is gorgeous xx

  3. Pretty lovely for winter! Beats snow, that for sure :) LOVE the pic of dear Twitch - what a little sweetheart!