Thursday 10 November 2011

Some Holiday Snaps

The reason for my absence last week is that Joe and I were treated to a cruise from Fremantle to Melbourne by Ma and Pa! This seems an ideal holiday for people like me with mobility problems but in truth I walked miles on-board and still gained 2 kilos weight! We flew back from Melbourne and Mum and Dad have gone on to sail right around New Zealand via Hobart and then finish off in Sydney next week.

Mum and I in the dining room doorway...peas in a pod?
It was a real eye-opener in other ways too. The staff are mainly from the world's poorest nations, an amazing blend of cultures. languages, and beautiful faces. This fact when considering the luxury of the surroundings and the amount of wasted food made a very vivid contrast. Our steward, Wilson, is from Haiti, our head waitress, Cecilia, from Colombia and Haynes, our waiter, hails from India. We met passengers from all over the world too, including a couple from the next suburb!

I think I'll simply post a photo from each of the seven days and let them do the talking. The inside pics will be Joe's as my camera is too primitive to take good indoor shots. Enjoy. We did!

As we left Fremantle we passed the replica of Captain Cook's barque The looked like a rowing boat compared to the cruise ship.

Joe took to sailing like a duck to water!

First stop was the historic town of Albany where horse-drawn carriage rides were on offer as well as a busy craft market. We met my sister-in-law, Wendy and 2 of our 3 nephews,  Pete and Dave. Jack was doing an exam at school.
Then followed 2 full days at sea where we had a little camera fun! Hi Dad and Joe in the background!
Saturday found us docking in Adelaide with the weather forecast of 32C and a 45minute train trip to the city. I knew that if we didn't go early we wouldn't go at all so we had an early breakfast and caught the very busy 8.55am train. We lasted 70minutes before deciding that every city looks the same and we caught the next train back to the ship. There were trams and sparrows there which are two things that Perth doesn't have but all the shop etc were the same and I was too tired to walk far. However these four bronze pigs made my day!

The amazing sea and sky as we left Adelaide

This is our lovely cabin(bathroom on left behind the door) and the ship itself, The Radiance of The Seas...

So a week in a nutshell...too much wonderful food to eat, lots of laughs and interesting conversations, late nights and karaoke for Joe, Quiz Shows, whales in Cockburn Sound and beautiful islands off Albany and then later in the week relaxing properly with a good novel from the on-board library.

Have a terrific Thursday,


  1. Lovely photos Sue. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Now back to keep those home fires burning xx

  2. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your comment - I suspect we have a bit in common too - the least of which is that we have both been cruising in the past month! I was on the Carnival Magic around the meditteranean for 9 nights. My daughters were part of a dance troupe that performed on board for 2 nights. An amazing experience for a little dance school from Perth! Susie xx

  3. It looked like a very luxurious break that's for sure, hope you had a good time xx

  4. Ahh so thats where you've been...looks like you had a great time :)

  5. Welcome back :)
    The trip sounds and looks absolutely lovely. A good holiday!