Monday 4 June 2012

Back Again

I've been sort of overwhelmed here at home, mostly by my concerns about others I must admit. Still deep in thought about Auntie Joan now that Uncle Bob has been buried, our next-door neighbour's nephew(18) was accidently shot dead 8 days ago, Dad has been unwell, our little home is on the market and then perhaps most distressing of all can be found here

So rather than blog with a heavy heart I stayed silent....Mum 'complained' yesterday and said she missed reading it so here at least of some of the photos I took in Fremantle 2 weeks ago.....Gordie paid for Ma and Pa, Joe and I to go out for a huge Fish and Chip lunch at Kailis's Restaurant in the Fishing Boat was really good, we also had tea, icecream and cakes!

Some of the local fishing boats, isn't the sky a brilliant blue?

Joe snapped re-arranging his shirt and trousers after his biiiiiggg lunch....

Mum waiting for a fishy for her supper....the vertical posts have the names of many of the local fishermen through the time the harbour has been in use. The area is also adorned with wonderful bronze sculptures such as the fisherman with the basket on his shoulder and the large snapper in his hand.....

I thought this fisherman was the image of Dad...

We wandered into Cicerello's Chippy too, they have a huge salt-water aquarium there and here is some sort of basking shark...

The beautiful Bather's Beach nearby....still looks very inviting despite the fact that it is almost the background you can see the domed roof of the new Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay in the main harbour..

This is the Perth "Eye in The Sky" which has been moved to the Esplanade Park in Fremantle..

It was really good to get out and shake off our cares and cobwebs...thanks to Gordie and Kris

Hope you enjoyed coming along,
Bye bye for now,
Love, Sue

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