Thursday 14 June 2012

This Boy

Even through the darkest days this week this little boy continues to make us laugh out loud and he brings such pleasure. Imagine sitting quietly watching TV and he comes flying through the air to land on your lap? It happens here! Earlier this week it was too stormy for outdoor play so he used the outdoor furniture as a rabbitty jungle gym....and just now he has raced in from the garden, into the wardrobe behind me and back outside again faster than greased lightening!!!

After our dog, Bonnie, died 2 years ago we didn't want another dog but Twitch has filled the niche perfectly for us.
Do you have a special pet in your life?

Love from Sue,


  1. Twitch is a fun rabbit!

    These two do it for us:

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying Twitch so much. I had a rabbit in High school before leaving for college and he was a riot! He used to race about as well and when we would watch western movies he would run up to me while I was sitting on the floor and bury his head under my arm when they were shooting. When they were done he would go back to racing about and visiting the lap of anybody else sitting on the floor as well :) Such wonderful memories!

  3. Hi Sue, I am back...that is such a cute mischievous bunny you have!

    Today I played around with my computer and managed to get it to let me comment again by using internet explorer instead of Google chrome :)


  4. Oh PH what a funny bunny that was! I just read on-line that rabbits can run at 35miles per hour and I'm not at all surprised...just wish Twitch would remember his 'walking feet' indoors lol
    And Tania, hurray! I must have known because last night I dreamed I drove to your place unannounced to stay for 2 were delighted but Phil said with a grin"Oh no! Not you again!"
    I also got chased by a lion but the people in your town were able to shoot it just in time!