Friday 24 April 2015

Friday Round-up

Hallo every-one and thank you for all the good wishes for dear Twitch. I've had a much more productive week, I do love the cooler weather.

I've made ANZAC biscuits, here is my ANZAC slice recipe and I always use Sue Webber's biscuit recipe which you can find here , I always double Sue's recipe and freeze some. There are lots of ripe chillies on the habanero bush so I thought 'chilli jam'...oh heck, the fumes nearly killed us and it's more sauce than jam but lovely tasting...

I used 5 habaneros with their seeds, thinly sliced...would only use 3 next time!
1300gms tomatoes
500 gms sugar
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 teaspoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of Thai fish sauce

simmered until thick but it didn't reach a jam setting point...still will be very useful, the colour is beautiful...

I've also made 3 jars of plum jam and will make some mandarin orange marmalade next week.

I finished the little jumper I was making for a friend's new baby...she loved it, I do enjoy knitting baby clothes...

Yesterday I popped into a new local candle shop and bought some wicks for $4...I melted down all the stubs of the candles we've used and produced all these for next to nothing...I bought a small saucepan from the op-shop for $2 and keep that for candle melting, because it's small it's easy to pour into the jars...the one at the back is a 300gm salsa jar so you can see they are quite large. I also added some sweet orange essential oil...

Tomorrow is ANZAC day and we'll be going again to Medina to watch Dad march, Caleb and David are looking forward to that very much and Caleb is going to borrow Dad's medals for 'news' at school next week...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend where-ever you may be
Love from Sue


  1. I had to look up Anzac Day. Have a great one!

  2. wow you have been quite productive, lovely looking chilli sauce & a gorgeous cardigan! just love the pattern & colour!
    hope your dad enjoys his march tomorrow
    thanx for sharing

  3. Sending best wishes to your father and all that he has done.

  4. thanks every-one for your comments, Mum will show Dad and he will feel very humble I bet!

  5. Wow you do love hot stuff don't you Sue? We have some hot chillies growing here but I never eat them. Hubby will have one or two if he gets a sniffle but usually eats the milder ones. I am sure you were very proud of your Dad today.

  6. Props to your dad for his service! I had to laugh at your comment about the 'fumes' from the jelly! We went out to lunch for Mexican food once and they did a fajita they cooked at your table, and they got a pepper too hot and had to clear the restaurant! Guess we found out how 'pepper spray' is made? Enjoy Anzac day, While Gallippoli, was a strategic disaster, that campaign forever made the reputation of the Australian and New Zealand troops! Amazing bravery!