Thursday 31 January 2013

Kyra Made A Snowman!

While we're sweltering Down Under younger family members in Canada and the UK have been making snowmen...

Emily found some great snow near Lancaster and played on her sled...

Sadly it began to rain on William's "snowman" near Manchester...

Aaah, to be a child again.

Priscilla and Kyra are also making coloured ice marbles in balloons but they had slightly warmer temps yesterday so they haven't frozen yet.

It's quite cool outside in the mornings now and quite delightful!

Enjoy your day,
Love from Sue

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  1. Hi Sue

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Your grandkids are much better at making snowmen than we were when we were in Vermont. We wound up with the shortest fattest snowman known to man. It looked like a normal snowman had been sat on by an elephant.

    Take care.