Monday 21 January 2013

Striking Frangipani

I'm not sure if every-one knows how very easy it is grow a new frangipani tree from an off-cut but it really is.

Several months back, when the deciduous tree had lost all it's leaves, Dad and Steve-next-door cut 2 straight 'branches' from one of Steve's gorgeous trees. I left them outdoors for around 4 weeks to dry out somewhat...they didn't die but actually began to sprout new leaves. Then I popped them into plant pots of tomatoes and today they're both thriving...2 beautiful new trees for free! Their perfume is so sweet and so evocative of hot summer nights, one of my new plants looks like it's going to flower before long...

With camera still in hand I sneaked up on Brer Rabbit, asleep on the tiles at the front door...

Up close and personal with Mr

We had a lovely dinner last night ...

Home-made beefburgers(mince, an egg, chutney and oatmeal), home-made sweet potato wedges(coated with oil and seasonings, baked at 200C for 40mins) and home-made mashed avocado(with fresh lime juice, chopped tomato and garlic). Not bad for the "night before shopping day" and all delicious and thrifty.

Joe is having all those stitches out today and then we are off to Fremantle for his appt with the Oral Team who are keeping an eye on his amazing ability to form cysts in his sinus cavities! That will give me the chance to shop at the wonderful Italian Greengrocery on Wray avenue...their prices are very good.

Wishing you a lovely week, peaceful beats exciting for us these days!
Love from Sue


  1. Yeah, peace trumps just about anything.

    With all those names, it sounds like you have three bunnies! :) They are wonderful little creatures; it is helping me remember Hopscotch. He was wonderful, too.

  2. I'm wishing we had those trees in Indiana. So beautiful. I will tell my Ozzie daughter how easy to start they are. She is wanting to expand her plantings in Brisbane. Thanks

  3. Everytime I see your Twitch I wish I didn't live in South East Queensland. He's a big lump of hug.

    I didn't know you could do that with a Frangipani Sue, do you have to cut it anywhere special or just at the end of a branch?

  4. Hi Hedy and really is that easy, just choose a straight limb, mine were about 20inches long. I suppose in the wild they just drop their branches into leaf litter and they strike themselves.

  5. Thank you Sue, who knows I might have the opportunity soon.