Thursday 17 April 2014

Perth in Autumn

Yet another hospital appt for Joe this week, this one to check the sores that keep developing on his hands and feet...all is well and he has an appt to see the oral team in June...they can help when he gets the cysts in his jaw. Joe has Gorlin Syndrome and that causes all these oddities!

Today is my daughter, Elizabeth's, 31st birthday...hard to believe in fact! Her son, Cody was also born on this day 14 yrs ago so big love to them both.

I took lots of photos in Perth, we aren't often there in the late afternoon so the light was quite different than in other pics I have taken...the first two of the sides of the lovely old buildings that are part of the original Royal Perth Hospital...note the arched windows in the second photo that follow a staircase like the ones of an Italian villa...I love the shadow of the tree on the wall too...

This enormous Morton Bay Fig takes up most of the pathway along the road and also encroaches into the road...

Looking back up Murray St to the cathedral...

Winter is coming, the shops had warmer clothing for sale...

This lovely fa├žade contrasts with the huge cranes behind it as another modern monstrosity is built...

Carillon City is a big mall in the city centre, you can see the eponymous bells in their tower...

gorgeous petunias in all the flower boxes along Hay St Mall

Then I spotted Geronimo Stilton no little girl was so besotted that she kept running back for another hug!...


This shop is called T2 and has the most amazing selection of teas and cups and an art gallery really...

We shared a plate of Indonesian food so hot that Joe became an instant watering was very good though and we'll definitely go back, the beef rendang was so tender.

It seems we only go out these days when Joe has a medical appt but we're fine with that, home is good!
Hope all is well in your home,
Love from Sue


  1. I remember my grandparents having big, huge M.B Figs on their property, so much fun to climb. Hope you both are keeping well.

  2. Sue, you have a real eye for architecture and i find myself looking up when i am walking around the CBD or more recently Hobart. I love the craftsmanship on the older buildings. In Melb there are plenty of gargoyles and fancy cornices, bell towers and spikes. One day ill do the night walk when all these are lit up and the guide gives you the history. I haven't yet come across a T2 store that i have had some of their teas. Divine.

  3. You've really caught the autumn light Sue, these are great pics!

  4. Beautiful photos Sue, you have a real artistic bent for composing a great photo. Love Mum XX

  5. Hi sue. That's the tree I was talking about.. Love it! You are making me appreciate my neighborhood more - thanks :)

    1. he hee Joe and I had a look in Amber's swimming pool too lol
      There are some fabulous Morton Bays on Mounts Bay RD at the bottom of King's Park too

  6. Why have I never seen your blog before? My goodness so much to catch up on and read. I have not been in the city for about 5 years even tho I am in Armadale WA.