Saturday 1 October 2011

Happy 56th Wedding Anniversary, Mum and Dad xxx

Times flies when you're having fun and today Ma and Pa celebrate 56yrs of marriage. On October 1st in 1955 they were wed before family and friends at St Mary's Priory on the hill next to Lancaster Castle.

Inside the church
The happy young couple, Mum, aged 18yrs and Dad 22yrs old, a veteran of the Korean War.

Mum's waist was a mere 21inches and she let me have her dress for playing in...needless to say it was ruined.

Here is the wedding party in the doorway of the church...

I'm not sure who the two young women are to the left of the photo but from left to right there is Grandma Kelsall, Unka Tom, Uncle Kenneth, Dad and Mum, Uncle Alan, Auntie Jessie, Uncle Bob and Nana and Grandad Gardner.
Just spoke to Mum and the two young women are her friend, Marina Macklin and Doreen Gardner.

So off to London for their honeymoon, and the rest is history ;)

Nana and Grandad Gardner were also married at the Priory Church. Their wedding was August 1928 but sadly I have no photos of this. I do have Nana's wedding ring.

Wishing you both a very happy anniversary...I'm sure Dad will have spoiled Mum with flowers and chocolates.
eda Ok No chocs as Mum is dieting at the moment and she won $32 on the Scratchie lottery tickets Dad gave her!

 .Much Love from all the family,



  1. Happy anniversary Sue's Mum and Dad!

  2. Janet Kelsall

    Happy Anniversary Jack and Marge.And WOW a 21inch waist!!! It was my Mum and Dads 58th Anniversary last week and Daves and mine 32nd the week before.X

  3. Happy 56 year anniversary to your Ma and Pa!

  4. Congratulations :)
    56! I have never even heard of a 56th happy anniversary, it is great to read about it :) and that even now there is chocolates and flowers!

    The pics are very nice. They look like a wonderful couple, and your mum is looking so beautiful.

    many blessings :) and warm wishes,

    note to sue - thanks for pointing out the problem with the comments, finally sorted it out!