Saturday 22 October 2011

Christmas Swap

Over at the Down To Earth Forum we have a Christmas Decoration Swap each year. The idea is to sign up, make a decoration for a Christmas tree, be allocated a swapping partner, either in your own country or overseas, and then post your decoration/s off to them in plenty of time for Christmas. Once you receive your parcel it's fun to take a photo of the contents and post them in the swap forum for other members to see the marvellous crafty skills we have amongst us.

In 2009 I sent the following off to Toronto in Canada with 3 little Caramelo Koalas...

Back from near Vancouver came 3 hand stitched tartan ornaments and a very cleverly beaded cover for a glass bauble...I cannot find the photos of them at the moment so please forgive me.

Last year I sent off the following to Claire in Brisbane...

and a week later these beautiful origami birds and crocheted bauble cover arrived from Albany in Western Australia....

It's hard to describe the fun and warmth that goes into these brings members closer together and is a really lovely benefit of being part of the forum community. I'll start the swap next week to give every-one plenty of time to put their name can choose whether or not you can post internationally or locally too.

I need to put my thinking cap on too and decide what I'd like to make this year....

If you haven't joined the forum you can go here and register, it's free, very friendly and supportive and lots of fun too...

Wishing you a pleasant and restful weekend, we may be in for a thunderstorm here today and then the Rugby World Cup final is on TV tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to make some vegie burgers for the freezer and perhaps a cake for Joe and Dad.



  1. And thanks again for those Sue! They'll be back on my tree this year, and I'll be thinking of you. xx

  2. he he Hiya Claire! It's a lovely feeling isn't it?

  3. An absolutely lovely idea :)
    Craft seems to be a dying art amongst our generation :(