Saturday 8 October 2011

Silicone Soap/Cake Moulds

I made another batch of soap yesterday using Rhonda's second recipe and my new silicone soap mould from the Reject Shop. Deb recommended these moulds, she has several herself and bought the gingerbread men one when we went to Fremantle on Thursday. You can see Rhonda also uses these moulds.

Aren't they cute? There's no need to grease them either and I just levered them out gently this morning. The moulds are $6 each and one batch of soap fills 2 trays.


  1. How cute! Your grandies will love them :)
    I've never tried silicone moulds for soap, must have a look.

  2. They are cute! I've been meaning to make up this second recipe and yours are inspiring me Sue. I must have a look around for silicon moulds -- such nice shapes and easy to get out.