Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cheese and Onion Oat Flan

Time for a recipe methinks. This is my adaptation of a recipe in the "Margaret Fulton's Book of Wholefood Cooking" which I have been using for at least 30 yrs. I use the food processor to make this pastry and you'll see why in a moment.

You'll need....

1 cup of wholemeal flour
1 cup of rolled oats
125 gms or 4ozs butter
cold water and a pinch of salt

Make the pastry first...
Process the rolled oats until they're very fine and add the flour, salt and butter
Process again until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs then pour in about 2 T of cold water
Process that and add a little more water if needed until you have a firm dough.
Place the dough on a floured surface and knead lightly, then roll it out and line your pie plate or flan with it.
Pop it into the fridge while you make the filling or for at least 15minutes.

Make the filling...

2 chopped onions
4 eggs
2/3 cup of milk
1 to 1 3/4 cups of grated cheese, depending on your taste
salt and pepper
I also added a tablespoon or so of finely diced red capsicum and a little thinly sliced silverbeet.

Gently "fry" the onions/capsicum etc in either a little butter or water until they're transparent but not browned.
Beat the eggs and milk together and then mix in the onions, cheese and season well.

Pour this mixture into your flan case and bake at 190C for about 40 minutes. The flan is lovely hot or cold and I'm sure will be much enjoyed. If you're taking it to a party or picnic use 2 full cups of cheese for a real "wow" factor!

Well the soap didn't get made yesterday as I couldn't get the caustic soda until late afternoon; how can there be such a difference in the price of it? Local IGA charges $4.97 for 500gm, Joe got it at Coles for $3.95 and the hardware shop charges about $7 for the same amount. Buying it in bulk is the way to go if you're going to be making a lot.

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday
Love from Sue
and some beautiful lillies that Kristie bought me last year...


  1. Oh I am so going to write this recipe down Sue, sounds yum.. do you not need to cook the base first?

  2. No you don't need to which makes it such a good the oats are very helpful in reducing cholesterol which you'll need after eating all this cheese lol

  3. I like the look of that flan a lot. I'll be adding it to the to do list. Thanks Sue xx

  4. Sounds yummy Sue. I made my first ever quiche yesterday (well make that mini quiches) and they turned out well, but they were self-crusting so will give your one a try with the pastry crust. Thanks for sharing :). Love your flower photo, just beautiful xx