Sunday 9 October 2011

Breakfast in Perth

Well more like brunch really. When Joe checked his emails yesterday morning there was one from Patrick suggesting we meet him and Claire for breakfast at Miss Maud's on Murray St at 10.30am. Eeek! We quickly tidied up and got ourselves ready and then set off for the local train station at Rockingham.

As pensioners we have free travel around Perth and the suburbs for much of the week so there's no point driving for an hour and then paying exorbitant prices for parking in the city, parking is free at the train station. This is the inside of the station from the overhead bridge...

I took a few photos while waiting for Patrick and Claire to arrive ...a flight crew had just arrived from Perth Airport and were checking into the hotel next door....

The Salvation Army building across the road is intriguing, is it a citadel?

This is Miss Maud's Swedish Hotel and Restaurant, her smorgasbords are wonderful and have been available in Perth since 1971.

We sat outside and Joe had a Tuscan quiche and coffee and I had a croissant stuffed with cream cheese, avocado and sun-dried tomato with a nice cup of tea. After a relaxing hour of people watching and catching up with our friends we walked them back up Murray St to their car.

Here are the photographs we took as we walked back down....St Mary's Cathedral which stands in front of Royal Perth Hospital.

One of the hospital ornate...

This enormous Morton Bay fig tree forms canopy that stretches across the road...

The old fire station now houses a museum..

This hospital building has such beautiful verandas...

A 1911 Government Stores building..

I could live here...I wonder who built it?

This old beauty has recently had it's sandstone walls blasted and cleaned.

And finally some Yarn Bombing in Northbridge....made me want to whip out my needles and add a section!

What are you doing this weekend? Visiting family or friends or working in your garden? Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do.

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