Saturday 8 October 2011

Responding to Friday on My Mind

Hallo everyone and thank you for your comments...much appreciated as I was feeling quite discouraged after putting so much into my Beatrix Potter posts and not getting much feedback at all.

We're only 5minutes walk away from the sea here and haven't had frost or hail this year. The tomatoes that have come up on their own are all at the bottom or very close the down-spouts off the roof so they get deep watered. As well as making a bit of compost I often just throw the vegie scraps directly onto the garden and many of the seeds reward me that way...there's already pumpkins developing, an onion top has grown long green well flavoured sprouts, a celery core has sent out new shoots too. Two young tomato plants have been dug and re-potted today and Dirty Dozen caterpillars have been squashed...what is their game? Take one bite out of each green tomato and move onto the next which tastes exactly the same...come on you lot!

Our summer will be relentless and so very dry so I am enjoying this productivity here and are the weeds.

Are you aware of Gardenate....a free email each month suggesting a planting guide for your area in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom...if you know your climate type in other countries (ie Ishieta) you should be able to glean some valuable information.

We've been into Perth today and had a lovely breakfast with Patrick and Claire at Miss Mauds. We then walked up to St Mary's Cathedral and took pics of the lovely 1890s buildings along Murray Street...for another day.

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