Saturday 15 October 2011

Knitting Stitch Patterns

I think I'll start a collection of stitch patterns which enable us to personalise any knitting we do and make it different from the original pattern. It is best to knit a swatch in this case as some patterns make a big difference to the size of piece.

This is a scarf I'm making for my Christmas box, it's a mix of 3ply lemon and 4 ply wool and knit on UK 10/3.25mm needles. The front, on the right-hand side, has a crochet-like appearance which is rather unusual.

The Pattern

Cast on required stitches in multiples or 3....for this scarf I cast on 39 sts and it's about 8inches wide.

Row 1 Knit to end
Row 2 K to end but wrap the yarn twice around the needle, you will have twice as many "stitches" now
Row 3 Slip 3 sts onto right-hand needle, dropping that extra st as you do, then slip them back onto left-hand needle. Work (k1,p1,k1) into all 3 of the elongated sts together. Work this pattern to end of row.
Row 4 Knit to end.

I suggest that you work 4 rows at a time until you are very familiar with the pattern.

To work a looser pattern you can cast on multiples of 4 and slip 4 sts at a time onto the RH needle in Row 3 and then (k1,p1,k1,p1) into all 4 sts.

Remember that you can use any ply yarn and needle size for these stitch patterns, bigger needles and thicker yarn will give you a larger piece of knitting and vice versa.

What are you doing this weekend? I mowed most of our huge lawn yesterday (yay me!) so that looks great. The Rugby World Cup semi between Wales and France is on TV this afternoon so hopefully that will give me the chance to finish the scarf and get on with some wash-cloths for gifts. I'm off to the casino again tomorrow with Ma and Pa so that will be fun.

Have a 'beaut' weekend,
Love from Sue

PS Dad.... please don't ring me up and ask why I was cutting the lawn lol!


  1. That is a pretty pattern Sue, might give it a try myself.

    Not much happening here this weekend, hubby is working and I am resting after a stressful, busy week...another busy one coming up this week with my new kitchen benches being fitted. I have to clean out all my kitchen so they can do the work...

    Have a great weekend Sue, hope the weather is nice. It is 26C here...

  2. What an unusual pattern. It does look like crochet, doesn't it? Very pretty and so versatile.
    Love from Mum