Monday 24 October 2011

An Apron Tutorial

Quite some time ago I won an apron from one of the puzzle magazines and I use it as my template when making a new apron. I simply pin it to my 2 fabrics and cut around it with an extra 1/4 inch as the seam allowance. This way I can make a reversible apron that is a bit thicker for messy spills!

Here we go...I can't guess how much fabric you'd need but hopefully you have a metre or so of something suitable or even a vintage sheet would be nice. Of course you'll need another apron or a pattern or can even cut out the fabric...quite easy if it's folded in half....I did this to make O's little apron and used a dinner plate to shape the top/underarm curve. Yes, she's ready to cook and loves doing so I can assure you.

Here are a few photos I took while making mine this didn't take much longer than an hour and this one will go into my gift box for Christmas giving. I made the straps first by cutting one 6cm x 60cm strip to go over my head. To tie the apron at the back I cut two 5 x 60 cm strips, folded them all in half with right sides facing and stitched the cut edges to make 3 long thin tubes. Stitch the bottoms of the ties, it doesn't matter about the neck strap as it's ends will be hidden. Turn them back the right way(I use the head of a long knitting needle for this) and iron them.

Next take your 2 cut out fabric pieces and place them right sides together. Pin them together and then carefully pin the straps into place so the they are in between both pieces of fabric, make sure the only part of the strap near the edges of the fabric is the ends! The white waffle weave fabric you can see here is my second fabric,

Now you sew right around the two pieces and through the ends of the straps to attach them...leave a gap of about 12cms so that you can turn the apron back the right way...when you do this the straps will (hopefully) be on the outside where they should be. Next give the apron a good iron, turn the edge of that opening inside and pin it and and then  top-stitch around the edges...hey's that simple. Honest.

As usual the clothes hoist gets to model the finished work. I loved this 50's Housewife fabric from Spotlight but I've used all sorts of different patterns to suit different people, male and female.

While today's apron is lined with the white waffle weave fabric this next one shows you how you can use two lovely fabrics to make a reversible apron...this one has pockets too and has gone to England to keep Auntie Margaret clean while she's busy cooking.

I hope this is helpful to you but if you get stuck please ask for help!

The Christmas Swap starts today over at the Down To Earth Forum so come along and join in the fun there.

Have a Marvellous Monday, won't you?
Love from Sue


  1. Sue you lovely girl, even I can follow these instructions, thank you.

  2. Well done dear Sue :) I'm loving the material you've used! I'll have to keep an eye out in spotlight next time i visit home.

  3. Great job on the tutorial and what a cute little model you have.