Wednesday 20 May 2015

And From Elizabeth in Appreciation

An epic shout out to my awesome family, friends and even the random strangers who have bent over backwards, in hell and high waters, to help me this last week.
I was just downstairs watching my big brother pressure cleaning my now empty garage…nearly $500 on a skip and 10hrs of labour later (unofficially, he's officially my favourite brother; just keep it on the down low, I don't need my other bro hearing about it)…
My Mum whom I almost drowned and sent home wearing a towel over the weekend…the Olivers (half of whom I almost drowned) whom have a bright future in furniture, toy and bike delivery (great rates too)…my incredibly generous Grandparents whom have a bright future in bunk bed assembly…Bree who may or may not have gone to work this arvo looking like my Nubian Cabbage Patch doll after spending all day in my sooty garage…Mandy & Co. for the mattress delivery and giggles (we had a ball camping out that first night)…
I've been totally overwhelmed with everybody's generosity, offers of child sitting (crazy bastards, you know who you are!) and furniture/appliance offers, new bikes, etc, etc. I'm totally feeling the good vibes coming in from Britain, Canada, a drill site somewhere up north, Bunbury, strangers on local FB pages… you're all incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably awesome and I can't ever repay you. And if I've forgotten you, don't feel bad; I can't even remember what day it is at the moment.

Family, nothing more, nothing less


  1. That is lovely of your girl, Sue. I hope things improve for her and her family soon.

  2. So glad no one was injured and recovery has already begun, friends and family, there when you need them - what a blessing! Hope things settle back down to the normal routines there pretty soon, you have had a couple of rough patches lately! Your daughter obviously knows how to count blessings and not dwell on the things you can't change - good job mom!