Monday 9 October 2017

Not Ordinary Knitting

Had a little walk in Old Rockingham this's not so 'old' any more with lots of new cafes and a lively art centre and a busy market going that bicycle...

Outside the Art Centre 3 trees have been very tastefully 'yarn-bombed' , they each have a patch incorporated spelling out 'A', 'R' and 'T'...

The Red Hat Ladies have decorated a bench seat nearby in their favourite colours of red and purple...

It doesn't say who created this marvellous metal eagle ... isn't it amazing?

and my own modest knitting, a cardigan un-finished from several years ago, I couldn't find the pattern but worked out the neck and front bands and added some pretty buttons...

I took this 'yarn cake' to France and worked on it this at times, 30 sts wide on 6mm needles using the whole cake and simple seed stitch which I like because it lies flat instead of curling up ... a pretty scarf to gift to some-one special...

We had a nice quiet weekend, it was cold so we stayed indoors and 'pottered' and had a lovely roast chicken for dinner last night so we have lots of left-overs for the next couple of days...I do love left-overs and inventing a new meal from them!

Have a wonderful week every-one,
Love from Sue


  1. I love coming across trees that have been 'yearn bombed', Sue. I just think it's so colourful and unexpected and lovely. Meg:)

  2. Amazing yarn bombing and that eagle. Must say I always admire your knitting too. The cardigan is so sweet.

  3. interesting art works there

    your cardigan is lovely! & some lucky recipient scoring a lovely scarf too!

    thanx for sharing

  4. That cardigan is so pretty! I love the pink buttons. It must have felt so good to finish it.

  5. Some people are so very talented Sue. The yarn bombing, painting on bench seat and eagle are amazing. Lovely bright colours too.

  6. I love the cardigan and aim to be able to just know how to finish it. I really enjoyed looking at all of the art work and thinking how clever some people are. A really nice post. Pauline