Wednesday 8 February 2012

Hallo Wednesday!

A few pics of around the garden today. Dad and I spent 2 hours mowing and whipper-snippering on Monday evening and it looks so very neat and tidy for the first time in ages. Since Twitch's disappearing act 2 weeks ago I've been slowly pulling out all the overgrown grass and dead shrubs beside the shed(where he was hiding) and it's almost finished. Dad chopped the last bit with the lawn-mower ....we were both exhausted but it was worth it. There are several week's worth of dead grass to be binned, you can see it in the foreground. We can put all that in our big wheelie bin with regular household rubbish.

About 14mos ago my friend, Wendy and her family moved from Secret Harbour to Melbourne as her DH is in Da Navy. We cannot take plants, seeds, fruit or honey etc between states as part of the quarantine laws in Australia so Wendy gave me a huge selection of pot plants. Here's her marjoram, I think :0)

the tall guy at the back is Wendy's Elderberry Tree, he's growing like the proverbial weed! The 2 Parlour Palms are in there too, Wendy.

This ivy was grown from a sprig in Wendy's wedding bouquet and is also thriving...thank goodness!

These volunteer pumpkins are doing really well, just starting to flower,

I've also been doing lots of knitting and the One Day Cricket Series has just begun so that's one way to make me relax!

Priscilla has all sorts of mixed news today. Her tests won't be ready in time for chemo to begin on the 14th and she needs a fair bit of dental work first too. I've suggested that we open up her blog for general viewing as she may connect with fellow patients who have some sound advice for her as well as possibly helping others dealing with cancer.
I'll post the link here shortly.

So I wish you a wonderful Wednesday. 35C is forecast here today but most of my jobs are done already(10am) so that's good.
Love from Sue

PS I posted this on Facebook yesterday as Joe was a walking disaster but he took it all very well. He also really enjoyed the French Canadian Beer Tasting in Perth on Sunday...they'd cooked tourtiere (a traditional Quebec meat pie) as well as the poutine and a great array of cheeses.

some Mothers do 'ave 'em
Yesterday, Joe, while supposedly helping Dad in the garden, punched himself in the mouth trying to start the whipper-snipper. Later, while admiring the said fat lip, he cut the top of his head open on the bathroom cabinet. Much later, while doing goodness knows what at the kitchen sink, he broke his favourite Glen Morangie glass and then cut his thumb open with it. No photos to follow.


  1. Oops not a good day for Joe(love the series have it on DVD), hope he is recuperating well. Hope Priscilla receives some good news and support from other patients going through similar treatment. Take care Sue, best wishes xxoo JoyK PS didn't fall out the kayak at Walpole LOL

  2. Ah Rose, Joe is taking it all with a pinch of salt and good grace.

    Hi Joy, I bet that was wonderful kayaking in Walpole...I'd love to live down there, the scenery is so beautiful and the cooler weather would suit be better too.

    thanks too for your good wishes for Priss.