Friday 10 February 2012


I've decided to stop pressuring myself to write every day....the content is becoming "forced" and uninteresting so I'll just post when there's something to say :D

Here's another post from Lancashire Life Magazine that may interest history buffs as well as Lancaster people. I have such wonderful memories of Lancaster Market, of the rich array of goods on the stalls, the butchers at the side, small gooseberry pies from the pie shop in the lane, of my great-aunts working on the biscuit stall. Today the stalls are quite sterile in that they sell lots of imported plastic goods, there's far fewer customers and little atmosphere. :(

and here is a nice tale of a local Lancaster business with lots of charm, doing very well for 175yrs in the coffee roasting business.

This is the entrance to the old markets, hundreds of years of history here...and a pic of an old pub in the city;

These are the almshouses known as Penny's Hospital, built almost 300yrs ago to house some of the poor citizens of Lancaster, I cannot fathom how they decided who would get to live in one but they were very, very fortunate indeed...

You may recognise the spire of this church from the first article linked above
Lancaster has a busy Saturday outdoor market with goods coming from as far away as France, it's high quality and colourful stalls make it a really pleasure to visit. It's in the square outside the museum.

Twitch is off being neutered today, it will really be the best thing for him and tends to make rabbits calmer and gentler pets. His need to mate was becoming very obvious and must have been as stressful for him as it was for us. The girls at the Vet's are going to give him a pedicure while he's dormant! Joe and I bear many marks of our tussles with him! We like this site and find it has many sensible ideas on how best to keep a pet rabbit.

Our dear landlord has raised our rent again from the beginning of May, it went up $40 a week last October and another $15 per week this year.

So that's all for now, 37C is forecast for today so we'll be taking it easy(as usual).

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are,
Love from Sue

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  1. now i cant stop thinking about lancashire hot pot...thanks a lot(!)