Monday 17 June 2013

Took My Cabin Fever To The City...

...and left it there!

Not sure if it's a sign that I'm itching to be off to Canada or what but after 2 days at home I was more than ready for a "spree" lol Boarded the 10.40am train to Perth and walked and wandered for the next three hours with a little shopping and a lot of people watching thrown in too.

Snatches of overheard conversations...
"Would the store cleaner please come to the switchboard" (what was that about? a dirty phonecall?)
"He keeps asking me for the numbers of other people...."
"Then she said...."
and my favourite...
"It's like rockin' the gym and then goin' to Maccas!"

There were some very talented buskers, some tragic looking homeless people, some people with far more money than sense; there were people from all over the world, some in traditional dress, others with dyed blue hair and the shortest of shorts, muslim women with colourful scarves and even a full faced burkha. Footwear from the biggest boots to the daintiest gold slippers, patterned tights, hungry pigeons and delicious smells all added to the good and happy spirit of this small city...

Restoration on one of the beautiful old churches 

The domed roof and frescos of local beaches at the Carillon Mall

Lunch? Hot curries, dahl and rice? Yes please :D

This young busker has a great voice and says he has an album coming out soon, I didn't catch his name

Modern "art" in front of the lovely old railway station
 I walked over to Kakulis Bros in Northbridge to buy various lentils and spices and saw this poster on the way, it's looks like fun...

This caught my eye, I think it's the entrance to the Bat Cave...

The Brass Monkey Hotel, can you see the monkeys on the first floor verandah? I was as cold as them today and had to buy a fleecy jacket...

A tribute to Perth actor, the late Heath Ledger. Jacob's Mum went to pre-school with him many years ago.

Coming exhibitions at the Perth Art Gallery, the Van Gogh  one is a 'gotta' for me

These scarab beetles lead the way to Perth Museum where there is a fascinating  new exhibition, Secrets of the Afterlife.

The city looking over the railway station from the Art Gallery area
 Now, it's a very long time since I've chased a man but chase I did. Huffing and puffing up the Plaza Arcade to take sneaky photos....BECAUSE he was dressed in the exact railway outfit that the staff on Hull to Gatineau Railway in Canada wore when we had a lovely day out with them in 2006! lol

Just after this photo he turned to me and I thought I was in big trouble but he and his brother were looking for Woolworths so I was able to point them in the right direction, I was too shy to ask where his train was.

It wasn't this one, home again home again jiggity jig!

That certainly blew the cobwebs away and I feel much better now.
Do you get stir crazy at times? I certainly have enough housework/gardening and hobbies to amuse me but sometimes I just need to 'get out'.

Bye bye for now,


  1. What a great adventure. Perth is a great city to walk around. Its been a long time since ive been there though. I like to people watch too. What were those things they call public art - were they suppose to be a replacement for trees in a concrete jungle.

  2. What a great day, Sue! Absolutely, I feel that way in winter, OH YES!!!!! I go to the library for a few hours, or op shopping for a while, or to the conservatory, or out for tea with a friend, etc. Getting out in winter is essential or I would lose my mind from being cooped up. :)

  3. Cool. So many interesting things and people. It sounds like a day in Perth is an opportunity to dip into world culture. I especially like the public art, something that even if you do not like or agree, nearly always attracts your attention and thought. I am kind of loving Lynda's idea about the intent. My interpretation is because the figures were joined, it could be about our connections and interdependency with the natural world.

    Or, they could simply be dancing pickles.

    Your photos are always breathtaking. Your eye for design and patterns is magnificent.

    1. Dancing Pickles - you crack me up!.. ROFL

  4. Sue, I didn't know you were a stalker! Ha ha! I have never been to Perth but I have heard it is a lovely place. For some reason I always thought it had a temperate climate but the summers of late have changed that opinion. Also I think that a day in the Big Smoke makes you appreciate the quietness of home when you get back. I always find that when I go to Brisvegas!