Saturday 1 June 2013

Yep, It's Winter!

Not exactly sure why but today is the first day of Winter Down Under, most other countries use the solstice dates but we use the first of the month instead.

Temps have been dropping and we've had a lot of heavy rain. Perth had a low of 2C yesterday morning and last night was the first two-quilt night of the year, I love the heaviness of them as I sleep like a "bear in Winter"! I think today we'll get the gas heater out of the shed today, we've done very well without heating so far but enough is enough!
How the mighty has fallen...the thermometer was up to 45C at times in summer, I think it will drop even lower than the 9C shown here...

Autumn leaves, we don't have a lot of native deciduous trees around here but the council has planted many of these chestnut type trees...

I loved the way this huge gum tree caught the morning sunlight today, it's quite special to me as it is big and beautiful and also lets me know which way the wind is blowing(important when deciding which windows/doors to leave open). It's several streets away and looks smaller in the photo than it is...

Sunrise today...

Finally finished Liam's cardigan after posting at the forum that it needed so little work to be done!

I have another plum cake in the oven and some soup on the stove top...I used the chicken jelly from the slow cooker as the base along with a generous dollop of chilli sauce, red lentils and some sad tomatoes.
We're having a quiet weekend at home, do you have any plans?
Keep warm if you're local, enjoy your summery weekend to my northern hemisphere family and friends,

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  1. Love love love that cardigan. Oh my I want one for Jarvis and on for me!!!
    So clever, I can only just knit in rows, lots of scarves and beanies, just wish I was as talented as you at knitting