Thursday 23 January 2014

The Other Side of the Road

When we've been to Royal Perth Hospital for appts etc we always walk down into the city to eat some sort of ethnic style lunch and we always walk on the northern side of Murray St. On Monday afternoon it was far too hot in the sun so we crossed over to the shady side of the road and saw some different sights...two previously un-noticed features of the lovely old Perth fire station...

Boxers training in an alleyway...

Window cleaner at blue is that sky?

Elderly identical twins dressed the same watching the window cleaner at work...

and then a cheeky rabbit meeting us at the front door to see what vegetables we'd brought home for him...he was very pleased to find a whole cabbage in one of the bags...

We're enduring another heatwave so housework is done early and reading by the fan takes care of the afternoons...I've got the slow cooker on today making a beef stew with mushrooms will make a change from all the salads recently and by 7pm it will hopefully be cooler.

Bye bye for now


  1. Sue, I didn't realise you were in for another heatwave. Ours finished with a storm last night which brought in the cooler weather and I actually have a jumper on now as we just had another storm which really cooled things down. It has been such a hot summer for all of us and I will be glad when it is over. Love the photos of Perth and, of course, the cabbage loving Twitch!

  2. I love Perth, Sue. We are still having it warm & I think we are going to get your hot weather again next week. I am tending to use the slow cooker or pie maker for a change, as we do get a bit tired of salads every day. I have not had the oven on for weeks, I am even putting off sterilising jars for relish!